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ProActive Services

Global Z-Data provides the solutions you need. Our proactive solutions give you the best options for your company. Its proved to be both conventional and convenient as it gives you the choice to make effective decisions for your business.
Each of our solutions has great options which constantly monitors your environment for any potential viruses or hacks and proactively ensures that your systems are running optimally via our Operations Team. We work to fix your IT problems before they become problems.
We’ll help take a headache out of managing your daily IT infrastructure. We’ll take away the worry of possible additional costs of fixing equipment and downtime; we can provide better predictability.
ProActive Managed Service Solutions
  • ProActive Server and Desktop
  • ProActive Fortigate Firewall
  • ProActive Anti-Virus
ProActive solutions
  • ProActive Managed Antivirus
  • ProActive Silver which is only monitoring
  • ProActive Gold which is monitoring, unlimited Remote support and cost-effective rate onsite support
  • ProActive Platinum which is monitoring, unlimited Remote and unlimited Onsite support
ProActive Managed Antivirus
Our ProActive Managed Antivirus is a top performer. It’s effective, and easy to manage. Easily runs in conjunction with our ProActive Desktop and Server solutions.
Our ProActive Managed Antivirus can:
  • Be managed by the cloud
  • Be updated automatically without user input
  • Constantly scan computer for viruses
  • Monitors Incoming email, and internet traffic for potential threats.
  • Runs Silently in the background.
  • Conserves resources and runs fast without interrupting your work
  • Proactively stops viruses before they infect your computer
Our ProActive Managed Antivirus can run on its own, the benefits are best suited when used in conjunction with our ProActive Desktop and Server. We monitor the status of your antivirus system anytime, anywhere and can run regular scans of all your systems.
We get notifications of virus activity and we can proactively fix and repair your system before any unexpected damage has impacted your business.
Our priority is to ensure your network is safe from viruses.
Call us – +27 31 818 9060 or email us – info@gzd.co.za.