Cloud Services

The new trend is Cloud computing, with cloud services available on demand.

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet, in “the cloud”. The cloud enables the data center to operate like the Internet and computing resources are accessed and shared as virtual resources in a secure and scaleable manner. Like most technologies, trends start in the enterprise and shift to adoption by business owners.

Think simplicity, think time and affordability, think software, server and storage.

We’ll help you understand the process and move your business to the cloud in a managed and secure environment.

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Hosted Backup

Your data is priceless and you cannot afford to lose it. Businesses that have been impacted by data loss either through disaster or virus, don’t tend to survive after losing their data. An effective Backup plan and test  should be part of your business process.

Our backup solutions, whether backing up your entire environment or just your critical information, are tailored to your business requirements and needs. Our Hosted Backup solutions ensure that at least one of your backup copies are hosted in one of our datacenters, at a predictable monthly price.

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Hosted Email


Our hosted email service runs emails servers on behalf of your organisation.   A cost-effective service that eliminates the need for in-house servers and IT support to manage those servers.  Revolutionize your business with a well-managed email system. Effective email management is vital to every business.  A practical strategy that is low risk, future proof and easy to implement and manage.


  • No mailbox limits
  • No more PST’s!
  • No additional hardware required
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) agnostic service
  • 100% service availability removing the low-level Service Level Agreement (SLA) risk
  • Email service continuity
  • Local South Africa based data centers on a secure and robust network
  • Automatically queues your email if your server is unavailable
  • All external email is scanned for viruses and malware
  • Your businesses entry point to cloud computing


  • Provides email management as a single service in the cloud
  • Reduces email management overheads
  • Virtually eliminates email storage at your premises
  • Ensures 100% email availability
  • Email security and compliance
  • Stationary, branding and marketing tools at your fingertips


Email Security

Complete protection from spam, viruses, malware, phishing, and data leaks.

Email Continuity

100% email up-time guaranteed against low-level Service Level Agreement (SLA) risk.

Email Archiving

Limitless archive mailboxes, Outlook integration, real-time searches, complete security and audit trails for full email compliance.